same day appts

Hours of Operation

Currently offering urgent appointments on :

  1. 1)Wednesdays variable. times. Call before noon that day for appt.

  2. 2)Fridays variable times. Call in am for appointment.

Serves both patients of the clinic and non clinic patients

Patient Instructions:
Please bring your Manitoba Health Card to your first visit (note that patients will not be seen in the clinic without this)
Patients will be seen by appointment only.
These appointments are intended for urgent community health access only. Patients are encouraged to book with their own primary care provider for their ongoing chronic care needs. Therefore the clinic will not prescribe chronic opioid pain medication, chronic benzodiazepene or other drugs with potential for abuse. There will be no complete physical exams during these appointments.
  1. -It will be at the discretion of the physician as to if specific forms (eg. disability, insurance) are appropriate to be completed during these times